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The infamous Slender man tales that run back to the original slender is back and better than ever, Protagonist Gerald Foster is mourning the loss of his daughter and significant other and seeks vengeance on whoever or whatever is in the West Virginian woods, but soon finds out there's something far worse than death lurking in the dark conifer infested woods. #horror #adventure #multiplayer #survival #strategy

This is just the early access, full release expected in Q2 - Q3 2020


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Can i Ask something?? If im not wrong, you're using unreal engine 4 with the "GoodSky" asset pack for the sky right???? The woods are probably custom made i guess... Anyway, You've done a really impressive job... Keep it up...  :) Also, if you dont mind, i'd like to suggest something... Turn down the "GlobalOverlay" in the skysphere and increase the brightness of the moon a little bit. Also, use expotential height fog to increase the foggy effect and create a big trigger around slenderman's actor and use it to summon fog whenever slendy gets near the character... it would make it more realistic.... I'm a ue4 dev myself and if you need any help, i'd be glad to help (ps, ill do it for free.. i love to help other developers :) i made one game on slenderman (WHICH IS LITERALLY THE WORST GAME ON THE PLANET, so dont even download it... youll be wasting your internet) but back then, i was really new to Unreal 4... now, i have some cool experience, you can check out some of my work on instagram @gamerdev3.. And, again, You've done a really impressive job, keep it up.... I havent downloaded this game myself but my brother downloaded it and i played it on his laptop and after playing it, i was like, "from where did you get it", he said, it was on itch.io, so i had to comment..... Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you so much for this. Yeah I tried unreal engine 4 and the good sky asset is amazing! I will take your tips in account. I'm also working on performance tricks. The newest version in the forest at daytime, some trees dont cast shadows only the tall ones because you wouldnt notice the directional lighting casting the shadows from the short ones😂 I'm the only one working on the project so its gonna be a hassle. Imma check out your little gamedev thing hold up😮

Thanks a lot dev for your support :) awesome game! Rated 5/5


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

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You stole my Thumbnail :p

its okay you can use it!


there's too many Slenderman games, is this new? i mean is it different than the rest. I didn't see people's videos or comments so I'm askin

It is gonna be story based. The demo is of course the 2nd encounter with the slenderman within the games campaign. +extras have additional maps.